Do you want to inspire a love of writing in kids?

Welcome to the Free Fun Farm Writing Prompts Kit!

Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I am a creative work-at-home-mom. I joyfully designed this kit to make writing fun and engaging, while encouraging children to express their thoughts and feelings on paper in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

Perfect for elementary school aged children, this kit comes with...

  • 5 writing prompts that are bilingual, (English and French versions).
  • 3 different writing page templates (dot, large space, regular space),
  • 10 beautifully decorated papers,
  • And Private Label Rights

Each page opens a world of creativity to bring out the best in children. They can use the prompts to make up stories, write poems, draw pictures, or just let their minds wander.

Encourage children's imaginations run wild with this Free Fun Farm Writing Prompts Kit. It's the perfect way to help them express themselves and build their writing skills.

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